FIRE Circle creates space for young people to process life, while building relationships and social skills.


This 6-week group is designed to build confidence and connection.

I believe that all individuals need the space and acceptance to be who they are. Everyone deserves support and encouragement to reach their goals, regardless of ability. The group is led by Kimberly Zeszutek, LPC, and creates space for youth to process presented topics while intentionally cultivating peer support and develop social skills. Together, we will recognize our own potential by exploring assumptions we have of ourselves and assumptions often put upon those with Asperger’s, Aspie traits, and Neurodiverse. FIRE Circle exists to balance the ridged expectations of daily life, and fosters an environment of empowerment in the lives of these adolescence.


FIRE: Family | Independence | Relationships | Empowerment


FIRE Circle

90 minutes | 6 week commitment | $30/session

There are two groups that have waitlists:

Adolescence Ages 14 - 18 - scheduled to start in July!

Young Adult 19-24

This six-week experience helps teens and young adults cultivate their connection with themselves, their peers, and nature. Currently, group meetings take place on Tuesday, starting at 10am. Location is at Tabor Space in NE Portland. 

Some topics covered: building new relationships, sustaining current relationships, suicidal ideation, self-care, mindful speech, identifying long term goals.

Parents of FIRE Circle Participants

60 minutes | $30/session

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of up to two optional private sessions with Kimberly. Adolescent will be present or must give permission. These sessions help you learn the skills that your teenagers are working on and help you find ways to teach these skills at home and in your community.


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