My counseling philosophy:

I provide trauma informed care for adults, young adults, and adolescents, offering skill building, mindfulness, and processing with Ecotherapy techniques. I believe that by actively applying new skills, you will become empowered, and thus more able to create an atmosphere promoting the achievement of your personal goals. I find counseling to be a sacred process, with moments of deep reflection and moments of joy and celebration

I aim to cultivate a safe and creative environment within counseling sessions where you can explore every facet of your unique self. I have a neurodiversity lens, which celebrates differences within variations of the human genome (such as those on the Autism Spectrum) and mind (such as those experiencing Bi-polar). I focus on strengths to identify and integrate what you excel at to support the healing process.


About me:


Some of my hobbies include playing board games, gardening, backpacking and car camping.  Some books you might find on my bookshelf are quantum physics books, metaphysical books, memoirs, and Sci-fi.  I am the type of person who enjoys deep conversations about our universe, and who will enthusiastically discuss high quality Mac-n-Cheese options (Bonus points if you can put these two conversations together).